in conversation with Vincent … photo by Kostas Papantoniou

Day 1, reflection … 30 years in education. Is it time to start Blogging?

Scared a bit, but willing to try, I want to blog about teaching art history, the importance of Museum sites and their resources in our classrooms, traveling with students, guiding them through Museums and archaeological/historical sites, Greece, Mythology … my life pursues to understand and better assist my students to grow into creative human beings.

My name is “teachercurator”, I am an Art Historian, lucky to serve as Host Country Studies Coordinator/Teacher in an International School in Greece.

I am lucky because I was given “freedom” to explore, design, develop and implement a variety of multi-disciplinary courses for all school Levels, from early years to High School.

This is the exciting journey I want to talk about.

My goals as a blogger

  • Think – Reflect – Be Creative – Communicate
  • Share my belief in Humanism and the Humanities as a strong component of the School Curriculum
  • Share my belief in Visual Learning and Project-based Learning
  • Share Lesson Plans on Art History, Social Studies, Mythology
  • Share ideas on how time in class can be a “pleasure”
  • Grow stronger as a teacher and a human being